Greetings! I am a professor in Transportation Engineering at Mizzou. With my students, I do research to enhance safety and mobility of our nation's roadways. Welcome to my website and I hope you find our work exciting!

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IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 
November 2018
Naturalistic Driving Research Symposium
August 2018


TRB Annual Meeting
January 2019


Three papers outline new ways to look at interchange safety: A short article summarizing our recent work on Diverging Diamond Interchanges: CMF development and temporary traffic control plans.

How to select countermeasures to enhance work zone safety? We recently developed guidance as part of a FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant.

How successful is an evacuation? We are trying to answer this question for various stakeholders involved in a hurricane evacuation: citizens, emergency management agencies, DOTs. A multidisciplinary team of researchers from sociology, systems engineering and transportation modeling are collaborating on this effort.